I. 1979

This is a document

1979 is a living time capsule
1979 is a perpetual relic
1979 is a collective, beating heart
1979 is a breathing human record
1979 is a meditation on nostalgia
1979 is my fifth studio album

1979 is the year I was born

What is 1979?

There’s not a doubt in my mind that memory is our greatest gift. Our memories give us access to time, to identity, to dreams. I have long explored memories through stories and songs, documenting them in order to share them further. But as the speed of documentation began overtaking the time I used to fill with remembering, I knew I needed to take a step back.
1979 is a celebration of memory in its essential, shared nature. Guided by the wisdom of Jackson Sonnanfeld-Arden, discoverer of the Nine Pure Tones, we constructed 1979 as a concept album through which we could share not only his brilliant theory, but also our true love of memory.

- Deru


available on lp, digital, & ∞THE OBVERSE BOX∞


Based on a collection of found articles, letters, photos, and other ephemera left behind by the late philosopher Jackson Sonnanfeld-Arden - the original Obverse Box was discovered in 2003 by Deru at a flea market in Los Angeles. Our version of the time capsule is an homage to the ways we leave behind our documented memories, in the spirit of the original relic.

It ships loaded with Deru "1979" as a full-length video album to be experienced with real light and sound in physical space. This experience varies depending on the environment in which the object is used in.

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Anthony Ciannamea / Creative Director & Visual Designer
D.S. Chun / Writer & Mythologist
Mark Wisniowski / 3D Artist & Sculptor
Roberto Crespo / Production Engineer
Jon Mendez / CNC & Laser Manufacturing
Leeor Brown / Label & Marketing
Mark Palansky / "1979" Trailer (Director)
Jon-Kyle Mohr / Web Development & Engineering

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